Zhou B Art Center Interview



Question: Can you share about your process when creating your work?

B. Wolf: It starts with the size of a canvas.. dictating the subject that I may bring to the canvas. Mostly, I am an intuitive painter, discovering what direction I go as I start painting. I rarely know what the outcome will be.



Question: What kind of message/force do you hope to translate through your work>

B.Wolf:  I hope to evolve curiosity, an emotion of calm or joy.



Question: Some audiences mention that your work reminds them of Cy Twombly and Willem de Kooning, how do you react to this? What do you think about their works of art?

B.Wolf: My reaction to being compared to Cy Twombly and William de Kooning is surprising to me …and of course, I feel honored. DeKooning: I feel that he kept searching, while painting on the canvas and he was never far away from the figurative. Cy Twombly: to me he was somewhat an organic painter, free flowing… but defined in many ways.

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