★ Color Magician

“Brigitte Wolf works in the art world seems like masters Matisse and plug Shangzhi Jing, her characters well Bimadisi simple contour lines, Cezanne still life paintings also slightly sense of color, while she was in the works inject her own characteristics. Artist like to explore the human body like a dancer changing different attitude, and reflect though the shades of color and light.”

Review from Taipei City News

“Brigitte Wolf investigate the human body like a dance  like changing different attitude, and through different shades of color stacked acrylic color and light reflected .People good Bimadsi simple contour lines, Cezanne still life paintings also slightly sense of color, and she injected her own characteristics in the works.”

Taipei Exhibit Review (Translated)

“Brigitte Wolf’s painting always pass – with flying colors! – my one and only test for aesthetic achievement: they make e want to keep on looking; to come back to them and to look again. They are radiant; colorful; variegates in texture- and infinitely suggestive in the playfulness of the shapes of which she painstakingly, which is to say, joyfully – constructs them.


The overall atmosphere of her work reminds me of the late, light-suffused seascapes of Willem de Kooning; her markings, meanwhile, call to mind Cy Twombly at his most energetic. It is work intent on producing pleasure, and it succeeds.


This is not to say, however, that its limits are the purely or merely decorative. In such a piece as “An Ocean Between Us”, for instance, the title guides us to ascribe significance to the spaces separating her more elaborate forms. If it is sad that we are all islands, we might conclude, it could be far worse: imagine a desert intervenin, with its scorched, shifting sands, and mirages. Isolation, at least, catalyzes creation: we want to communicate, to move close to one another.


She has found her way.”

-Sean Francis, Ph.D

Professor of Art, Literature, and Music

Columbia College – Chicago

Art Critic, Chicago Tribune

“An empty canvas does not overwhelm Artist Brigitte Wolf, she values the process and spontaneous forms that come from her Zen-like approach. She is able to center herself and explore a different space entirely.”

Reviews from Gallery 19 Group Show – January 2016

“Brigitte Wolf resides comfortably between abstract and figurative painting. Her art will resonate, as it always does, through its inexplicable pairing of the familiar and Thea anonymous. Her subject matter, be it a face, or appendage, or an abstraction, is always rendered with the precise balance and color of an unerring eye. She is an Expressionist, yes, but by way of the Old Masters”

Mieke Zuiderweg, Artist & Photographer

“Brigitte Wolf was the talk of the first show. Her paintings have an energy to them and are created with a very youthful brush stroke. Responding to her own dreams and memories of place, people respond to her images in a way like they share a past.”

Park Schreck Gallery Show Review

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